Stop Chicago 2019 Parking Tax Hike | Take Action Now!

Illinois Lawmakers Plan to Hike Parking Taxes to Highest in the Nation

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City of Chicago tax rate Cook County tax rate Current Total PROPOSED State of Illinois tax rate NEW TOTAL
Daily Weekend 20% 6% 26% 6% 32%
Daily Weekday 22% 6% 28% 6% 34%
Monthly Parking 22% 9% 31% 9% 40%

We can’t let that happen!

The New Administration has proposed a new State parking tax on top of the City and County parking taxes you already pay for the HIGHEST Rates in the Country. Call your State Representative and State Senator today!

The parking taxes alone are intimidating. With Chicagoans already paying some of the highest parking rates in the country, daily and hourly parking can expect a 6% tax increase, while monthly and annual garage parking will see a 9% tax increase.

The parking garage tax is already among the nation’s highest at 26% to 31%. The proposed increase would bring those numbers to 32% and 40% respectively.

This outrageous tax increase would not only negatively impact parking businesses, especially smaller, cash-operated garages and lots, but also the events, restaurants, bars, and venues in the surrounding areas that depend on these spaces for business from potential customers.

“On behalf of our owner-operator members and 4,000 parking workers, the Parking Industry Labor Management Committee urges you to join us in opposing this tax, which will harm Illinois’s economy and exacerbate the state’s budget issues.”

Putting a tax on parking will cause a negative ripple effect into the state’s economic issues, rather than help pull it out of the mud.

The new administration claims his capital bill will open up 500,000 new jobs, but at a cost that will cripple the mass majority of middle-class Illinoians. Income made from these jobs will only be seized away by debilitating tax increases over time, resulting in more economic instability than ever before.

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